Thursday, March 7, 2013

America Connects to Europe (ACE) Plans 100G Bridge

The America Connects to Europe project (ACE), managed by Indiana University, is planning to implement 100G links across the Atlantic to support the scientific research community.  A Prior Information Notice has been issued to vendors to participate in the project.

The America Connects to Europe Project (ACE) is a collaboration of Indiana University (IU) as the lead institution in cooperative partnership with DANTE, NYSERNet, and Internet2.

DANTE is the organization that operates GÉANT, the data communications network support many research projects in Europe.
DANTE noted that 100G is presently being rolled out across the GÉANT infrastructure. Between them GÉANT and ACE already offer over 80Gbps of transatlantic connectivity, however this is comprised of multiple 10G links and will lead to bottlenecks in the future for those 100G users. For that reason, DANTE aims to replace these over time with multiple 100G links, ensuring that partners in large research projects in areas such as radio astronomy, global earth observation, medical research and particle physics continue to benefit from the best available connectivity.

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