Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Xilinx Tunes its 28nm FPGA for PtP Microwave

Xilinx introduced a new Gigabit class 1024QAM point-to-point (PtP) microwave modem IP (intellectual property) for backhaul applications.

The modem uses Xilinx's 28nm All Programmable device and is designed for point-to-point outdoor deployments. It supports legacy interfaces such as multiple E1/T1 and SDH as well as Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The data rates are scalable to 1 Gbps in a single polarization and 2 Gbps in dual polarized mode. 

Key features include supporting modulation from QPSK up to 1024QAM, channel spacing from 3.5 -112 MHz, Adaptive Modulation, Adaptive Digital Pre-distortion, Forward Error Correction, I/Q imbalance correction, automatic frequency recovery, hybrid Decision Directed Equalizer, integrated payload and configuration interfaces.  

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