Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Telefónica I+D and Infinera Push 10 Tbps of Super-Channel Capacity

Telefónica and Infinera announced a joint Terabit Technology Showcase that demonstrated 10 Terabits per second (Tbps) of optical super-channel capacity.

The highlights of the Terabit Technology Showcase demonstrations include:

  • 10 Tbps of super-channel capacity based on Infinera FlexCoherent technology to realize QPSK and 16 QAM super-channels to extend fiber capacity and signal reach.
  • Telefónica I+D’s Flexi-Grid standards based GMPLS control plane for rapid service deployment and simplification of network operations.
  • Demonstration of Infinera’s next-generation PIC-based flexible grid super-channels for improved spectral efficiency and flexibility.

 Infinera said the demonstration illustrates some of the potential future capabilities of its PIC based Digital Optical Network solution, including transmitting ten 1 Tbps super-channels as well as a demonstration of flexible grid transmission.

"Infinera’s 10 Terabit super-channel transmission and flexible grid transmission have been successfully tested in Telefónica I+D  labs,” said Juan Fernandez-Palacios, Head of Core Network Evolution at Telefónica I+D-GCTO Unit. "This demonstration shows a promising path to higher capacity and cost effective optical transmission beyond 100Gbps."

The companies also showed rapid deployment of services, robust protection and ease-of-use with Telefónica’s prototype Flexi-Grid GMPLS control plane.