Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pertino Launches Cloud-based Network Engine for SMBs

Pertino, a start-up based in Los Gatos, California, launched a limited release of a cloud-based "network engine" for small-to-medium businesses. The idea is to cloud programmability to instantly create secure networks using existing gear.

The Pertino cloud platform combines global cloud infrastructure with network virtualization, the programmability and automation of SDN, and a social-inspired management paradigm. Users are able to quickly set-up "virtual offices" with secure file sharing and remote desktop.

Pertino is offering a free service that provides a personal cloud network for up to three members and three devices each. A Professional plan is only $10/month per member.

The service is available now on a select set of computing devices.

  • Pertino is funded by Norwest Venture Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners.