Monday, February 25, 2013

Narus: Time to Out Innovate Cyber Attackers with Cyber 3.0

Narus, which develops big data analytics for cyber security, is setting its sights on Cyber 3.0 -- a new approach to cyber security whereby machine learning serves as the foundation of next-generation security products that protects devices, organizations and people.

Narus, which is a Silicon Valley-based subsidiary of Boeing, said a new approach to cyber security is made possible by the semantic web.  Instead of just reacting to new cyber security attacks, the industry must leverage the power of the predictive web to get ahead of the threat and out-innovate the adversaries.

The company defines Cyber 3.0 as "the intersection of the semantic Web and cyber." Because of the massive volume of data, the new security framework relies on machine-to-machine learning that enables the collection, extraction, fusion, analysis and connection of information. Ultimately, it provides the visibility, control and context required to protect organizations in today's environment. Cyber 3.0 will be the foundation for a future in which machines drive decision-making.

Narus has filed or been awarded 32 patents related to cyber security. The company is announcing the following products at this week's RSA Conference in San Francisco.

  • Narus nSystem: New big data analytics solution leverages machine learning and automated continuous learning to achieve incisive intelligence for protection of critical assets. The system processes 100 percent of network packets to discover, analyze and understand every cyber interaction, and deliver the visibility, control and context required. The result is the Narus nSystem, which can scan millions of pieces of data and metadata; aggregate data about users, communities, devices and applications; and then delve into the traffic as well as the content behind network behavior. Narus said its solution ensures that every interaction is contextualized to help users draw conclusions about patterns and relationships. And semantic analysis provides clear insight into details about location, demographics, topics, interests, roles, personal information, relationships and more. Users can then discover unknown relationships and contextualize all interactions to gain incisive intelligence based on learned relationships, and predict threats and protect critical assets.
  • Narus Application Whitelisting Technology: A breakthrough application classification technology that automates the formerly manual process of generating application signatures, and identifies them in real time. This new technology replaces any human intervention in the reverse-engineering process. Patented algorithms automatically identify the presence of unknown applications and generate their corresponding signatures and labels in seconds.
  • Narus N10: Cloud-based information security software that provides complete document control using a secure, cloud-based environment, proprietary encryption, and rigorous authentication and authorization.
"Narus is a pioneer in cyber security and Cyber 3.0, having put new ideas and concepts into practice to keep pace with the constant evolution of the cyber world," said John Trobough, president, Narus. "Armed with innovative and patented technology, revolutionary new solutions, and strategic partnerships, Narus will continue to help the world's organizations protect their critical assets in this increasingly hyper-connected world.”

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