Monday, February 18, 2013

Mavenir Moves to Virtualize the IMS Core

Mavenir Systems announced a Virtualized IMS Solution for 4G core networks, including VoLTE & RCS 5.

Mavenir is using its Automated mCloud Manager in conjunction with VMware's virtualization technology along with off-the-shelf hardware. The goal is to offer virtualized IMS solutions that can be flexibly deployed to meet business needs such as multi-tenancy and capacity elasticity.

Mavenir noted that leading Tier-1 operators in Europe are currently deploying its Virtualized IMS technology as part of their VoLTE / IMS rollouts.

Pardeep Kohli, president and CEO Mavenir Systems, said, "Virtualization is a means for mobile operators to build the next generation core network, while fundamentally changing the cost equation that historically involved paying price premiums for proprietary HW to provide optimal, cost effective performance. Simply put, virtualization enables an economy of scale not previously available to mobile operators."

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