Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FCC Sets Rules for Consumer & Industrial Signal Boosters

The FCC will implement new rules allowing the use of consumer and industrial signal boosters in order to improve mobile voice and mobile broadband coverage.  The four leading wireless operators in the country are supporting the initiative.

Consumer signal boosters must be designed to be used "out of the box" by individuals to improve their wireless coverage within a limited area such as a home, car, boat, or recreational vehicle.  Consumers will need to register the booster with their wireless provider.  Consumers will also be required to de-activate their boost if any operator detects interference.

The new rules also cover Industrial Signal Boosters designed to cover larger areas such as stadiums, airports, office buildings, hospitals, tunnels, and educational campuses. Industrial Signal Boosters sold and marketed starting on March 1, 2014 must meet new FCC requirements.

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