Monday, February 18, 2013

Ericsson Releases MINI-LINK Backhaul for Small Cells

Ericsson is expanding its MINI-LINK wireless backhaul portfolio with several new models aimed at small cell deployments.

The products being launched are:
  • MINI-LINK SP 415 and 420 - packet aggregation nodes for L3 VPN based on IP/MPLS
  • MINI-LINK PT 3060 - microwave node optimized for small-cell deployments (60GHz)
  • MINI-LINK PT 6020 - 1Gbps (in one 250MHz carrier) microwave node in the E- band (70-80GHz)
  • MINI-LINK LH Compact - long-haul microwave solution for reuse of existing cabinets.
Ericsson has now validated that MINI-LINK products in traditional frequency bands can operate in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions with high performance.  The performance has been verified in trials with MetroPCS in Los Angeles.

"NLOS microwave is a critical component of building backhaul networks where clutter is an issue and especially for heterogeneous networks," said Malcolm Lorang, co-founder, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of MetroPCS. "We are pleased with the results of the MINI-LINK trial in the challenging Los Angeles environment and look forward to further testing."

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