Sunday, February 10, 2013

Corning: Optical Fiber Demand Continues to Ramp

In its annual investor meeting last Friday, Corning outlined growth opportunities with its Gorilla Glass business, in fiber for telecommunications and in environmental and life sciences.  Some highlights:

  • Gorilla Glass sales surpassed the $1 billion mark last year.
  • Since launching Gorilla Glass in 2007, over 1 billion devices have implemented the technology.
  • Corning is working to bring new glass innovations to the consumer electronics market, including optimized touch and Radio Frequency (RF) capabilities; aesthetically pleasing shaped devices; and anti-reflectivity and antimicrobial properties.
  • Corning Lotus Glass is designed to offer superior performance for higher-resolution LCDs as well as OLEDs.
  • Corning’s newest advanced glass solution, the ultra-slim, flexible Corning Willow Glass, is positioned for next generation displays.
  • Corning sees the potential for double-digit growth in 2013 in its Telecommunications Business Group.
  • Corning believes the global optical fiber market will exceed 250 million fiber kilometers in 2013, with the bulk of this growth coming from developing markets.
  • Corning opened a new fiber manufacturing facility in India last year.
  • Corning continues to expand its Pretium EDGE solution for data centers.
  • Corning has an installed base of over 1.8 billion kilometers of fiber.
  • Corning is delivering optical solutions to every "edge" of the network -- Data centers, FTTH, Wireless and Consumer.
  • Corning expects optical investments to ourpace telecom CAPEX by >2X.
  • In data centers, Corning forecasts that there could be 10X the number of servers in use within the next decade.
  • In 2013, Corning is launching an all-optical distributed antenna system (DAS).
  • In Q1 2013, Corning will begin delivering USB 3.0 Optical and Thunderbolt Optical cables.


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