Thursday, February 28, 2013

Commscope Offers Combined Fiber/Copper in Single Cable

Commscope introduced a new cable design to help MSOs incorporate fiber deeper into their plant as a bridge from HFC (Hybrid Fiber-Coax) networks to a fiber rich network.

CommScope’s E2O (Electrical to Optical) is a combination of the company's coaxial/fiber product lines that merges microducts and microcables, along with fiber and coaxial cable, in one sheath versus multiple sheaths.

“Because of this single sheath, E2O can help mitigate current and future installation costs while ensuring future migration strategies including PON, RFoG and other FTTx technologies. Whether an operator needs to reconfigure, maintain or replace their HFC residential services, deploying E2O helps ‘future proof’ their network for when fiber is eventually needed. If their strategy is to install coaxial cable integrated with fiber or conduit for future fiber blow-in, or both, operators can once again minimize expenses by installing all under one sheath at the same time," said Doug Wells, vice president, Outside Plant Solutions, Broadband, CommScope.

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