Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Transmode Announces 100G Metro/Regional Deployments

Transmode announced several new Metro and Regional 100G deployments, including customer orders from North America and deployments in Finland with FNE-Finland Oy.

The company confirmed its first customer order for its new Metro and Regional 100G solution from an unnamed North American network operator and has been selected for 100G rollout by FNE-Finland, one of that country’s leading alternative backbone capacity providers.

In December 2012, FNE-Finland conducted live traffic field trials, including 100G transmission over an 800+ km link, to demonstrate that its network is 100G-ready and can support all-optical 100G connectivity between any two locations in their network. FNE-Finland has now selected Transmode for 100G transmission and plans to start rolling out 100G capacity across the network. Transmode is supported locally in Finland by ACC Systems in the project with FNE-Finland.

Transmode said it also performed multiple customer lab/network trials, including an interesting deployment in the Acreo national research network in Sweden. The Acreo network deployment was over 1600 km and involved transmission over both Transmode’s TM-Series and a third party WDM system using an alien wavelength with optical handoff between the two systems.

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