Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SK Telecom Launches joyn.T Rich Communications

SK Telecom officially launched "joyn.T" -- an all-IP-based RCS (Rich Communication Suite) service under GSMA's 'joyn' brand.  The service  allows customers to use many different types of communication services, including Rich Call, Rich Messaging and Rich Phonebook, in an integrated manner regardless of network and device.

The SKTel service is supported via an app available for 22 different types of Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) smartphone.  A joyn.T application for the Apple iOS is expected shortly.

SKTel said joyn.T will also add features based on the RCS standards, such as HD Voice (VoLTE), The carrier said  it will integrate all its future communications services into joyn.T.  It also looks forward to support joyn roaming with other carriers across the globe.

Wi Eui- Seok, Senior Vice President and Head of Product Planning Office of SK Telecom said, "SK Telecom is delighted to be presenting joyn.T, an integrated communication service designed to satisfy customers' needs and interests, thereby enriching their communication experience. Building on its innovative features like instant messaging-SMS link, we plan to add more features to shape Joyn.T into an attractive communication channel that can be enjoyed by customers irrespective of their carrier or device."

  • In December, SK Telecom reported a daily average of 60,000 new LTE enrollments, representing over 50 percent growth compared to the previous month.  LTE subscribers surpassed 7 million as of December 12, 2012, thereby achieving the end of year target for LTE subscribers.  The company's LTE footprint covers 99 percent of South Korea's population.  For comparison, it took SK Telecom two years and four months to acquire 7 million 3G WCDMA subscribers since commercializing the service in May 2006.
  • In August 2012, SK Telecom launched its HD VoLTE service.