Monday, January 28, 2013

OVH Interconnects its Cloud Data Centers with Infinera's 500G Super-Channels

OVH, the leading web hosting in Europe with more than 140,000 physical servers online, will deploy the Infinera DTN-X platform to interconnect its data centers via its pan-European network. The OVH pan-Eureopan network links data centers throughout 10 major European cities in seven countries.

Infinera said its platform was selected for its ability to provision large amounts of bandwidth very quickly.  The Infinera DTN-X enables long-haul 500 Gbps super-channels across the optical transmission network.  I also offers integrated OTN switching, enabling efficient utilization of long-haul capacity while at the same time enabling OVH to rapidly deploy large amounts of optical bandwidth for customer services.

  • OVH first selected Infinera’s Digital Optical Network in 2007, deploying the DTN platform for an international expansion across Europe. OVH is based in Roubaix, France.
  • OVH is also expanding to Canada and the U.S., including a massive new facility on the outskirts of Montreal with a record capacity of 360,000 physical servers. The Montreal BHS data center is powered by a hydro-electric dam located just 300 meters from the building.
  • OVH is known for building its own data centers and for building its own water-cooled servers. Key technology partners include Infinera, Cisco, Intel, vmWare, Kingston, Seagate, Level 3, T-Systems and tata.

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