Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OIF Looks to 400G Modules, Transport SDN, E-NNI Neighbor Discovery

At its meeting last week in New Orleans, the Optical Internetworking Forum approved an implementation agreement for RSVP Extensions for User Network Interface (UNI) 2.0 Signaling Specification Release 2. OIF members also evaluated the need for technology-focused projects on 400G Modules, carrier requirements for Transport Software-Defined Networking, and Neighbor Discovery for E-NNI. Specifically,

  • The Physical and Link Layer Working Group started a new project to define a module interface Implementation Agreement targeting 400G long-haul transmission.
  • The Carrier Working Group members agreed to provide Carrier requirements on Transport SDN, detailing transport functions for SDN use cases.
  • A project on OIF Neighbor Discovery plans to identify discovery requirements by OIF Carriers and expedite the deployments of OIF E-NNI and UNI standards in carrier optical transport networks. The OIF previous OIF Global E-NNI Interoperability Tests and carrier E-NNI field trials, have shown that manual configuration of E-NNI adjacency is a time-consuming and error-prone process.

In addition, Hans-Martin Foisel of Deutsche Telekom was re-elected as the Carrier Working Group chair and will serve a two-year term; and with a Board seat opening due to a resignation, Vishnu Shukla of Verizon will move to the role of president and Dave Brown of Alcatel-Lucent will serve the remainder of the board term vacated.