Monday, January 21, 2013

NEC Tests 1 Tbps Super Channel using 100GbE subcarriers

NEC announced a test of a 1 Tbps super-channel based on 100GbE subcarriers and transmitted over a trans-oceanic distance.

NEC's super-channels are achieved using techniques such as parallel high-speed transceivers, advanced modulation formats and advanced pulse shaping. 

For this trial, NEC combined a software-defined pulse shaper together with flexible-grid real-time 100 Gbps subcarriers to create a 1 Tbps superchannel.  The pulse-shaper is designed to mitigate transmission impairments and to offer flexible bandwidth allocation capabilities. NEC reported error-free transmission over a 5,400km link consisting of commercially available optical fiber and cost-effective repeater spacing. 

NEC also implemented a 1 Tbps superchannel composed of full-digital100 Gbps subcarriers. Each subcarrier is equipped with a digital signal processor at the transmitter, which can potentially extend the re-configurability to a variable modulation format and/or for variable error-correction capabilities. This cutting-edge digital-transmitter technology enables the 1 Tbps superchannel to successfully transmit beyond 7,200-km.