Monday, January 7, 2013

Libya Activates 1.2 Tbps Undersea Cable to Greece

Libyan International Telecom Company, which is the incumbent operator in Libya, has activated the "Silphium" undersea cable system across the Mediterranean.

The new cable, which was deployed by Huawei Marine Networks, is one of the longest un-repeatered subsea cable systems in the world. It spans 425km from Darnah in Libya with Chania in Greece.

The cable initially carries 10 Gbps wavelengths but can be upgraded for 40G and 100G.

As the owner of the system, we trust that this cable will play a major role in the process of rebuilding Libya and will contribute to its economical and social development. Silphium will provide the country with a diverse route to the internet and will help create business and employment opportunities in the eastern region of Libya.” said Kamal Farhat, CEO of LITC,  “The challenging but successful delivery relied on Huawei Marine’s good sense of cooperation, advanced technical solution, professional delivery and installation capabilities, which offer us access to great bandwidth, and demonstrates Huawei Marine as a trusted partner.”