Sunday, January 6, 2013

Huawei Outperforms Market in 2012

Huawei outperformed that market and its peers in 2012.  The company said sales revenue for 2012 is expected to exceed US$35 billion, with a net profit of about US$2.4 billion, a more than 10% increase year on year for both.

In a New Year's letter to customers, shareholders, employees and partners, Guo Ping, Huawei Rotating and Acting CEO, writes that this solid financial showing came despite the turbulent events of the year: the downward spiral in the global economy, an investigation into cyber security allegations by a particular committee of the U.S. Congress, political upheavals in the Middle East and Northern Africa, as well as natural disasters including floods and earthquakes.

Some highlights of the letter:

  • In 2012, the Carrier Network BG further consolidated its position in the industry.
  • Huawei has now deployed over 130 LTE and over 70 EPC commercial networks worldwide.
  • Huawei's Enterprise BG has launched a series of competitive products such as data center switches, storage products, and full-view telepresence systems. Huawei Device has established solid foundations in product design, quality, and costs. In addition, the smartphone business has made breakthroughs in scale in high-end markets such as Japan, the US, and Europe.
  • In 2013, Huawei will focus on establishing leading positions in Mobile Broadband (MBB), Fixed Broadband (FBB), and backbone network solutions.
  • Huawei will devote its energy to specific business objectives, and avoid the impulse to expand business blindly. Rapid growth will no longer be Huawei's priority as it
  • Huawei will look to simplify its internal management and delegate more authority to field offices.
  • In 2013, Huawei further vows to become more open and transparent.

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