Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fusion-io Targets All-Flash Data Centers

Fusion introduced its new ioScale product line for hyperscale and cloud data center deployments.  Each ioScale provides up to 3.2 terabytes of Fusion ioMemory flash capacity with prices starting at $3.89 per gigabyte.  

Some highlights
  • Up to 3.2 TB of capacity on a single half length PCIe slot, with a single controller, enabling a small form factor server to reliably scale to 12.8 TB or more, delivering maximum rack density and reducing the need for antiquated disk drive bays

  • Hyperscale servers supporting UEFI can boot from Fusion ioScale, further eliminating the need for RAID controllers or disk infrastructure in spartan webscale servers with limited space
  • Best-in-class Fusion-io endurance in all capacities, empowering caching, write-heavy databases and large scale applications
  • Enterprise reliability with the Self-Healing, Wear Management, and Predictive Monitoring capabilities of Fusion ioMemory, ensuring customers can easily meet even the highest service level requirements
  • Compatibility with the Fusion ioMemory software development kit (SDK) to leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) like Atomic Writes and directFS permitting applications to run natively on flash

The offer was previously previously exclusive to Fusion-io customers outfitting thousands of servers but is now available in minimum quantities of a hundred units.

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