Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fujitsu Claims New Protocol Delivers 30X over TCP

Fujitsu Labs has developed a new data transfer protocol that it claims delivers a 30x improvement in throughput over conventional transmission control protocol on long-haul connections between Japan and the U.S.  

Fujitsu's protocol uses a proprietary retransmission method based on user datagram protocol (UDP).  The protocol addresses the problem of UDP transmissions consuming excess bandwidth by performing a real-time measurement of available network bandwidth and securing an optimal amount of communications bandwidth without overwhelming TCP's share of the bandwidth.  Existing IP applications do not have to be modified.

Fujitsu said its new protocol can improve data transfer speeds between data centers in Japan and the US. It is also expected to help improve the usability of virtual desktops when accessing a virtual desktop located on a remote server using a low-quality communications environment.  The company claims virtual desktop latency is reduced to 1/6 that of conventional TCP approach.