Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FCC to Expand 5 GHz Wi-Fi Spectrum by 35%

The FCC is seeking to unleash up to 195 megahertz of spectrum in the 5 gigahertz band -- an expansion of 35% over current unlicensed 5 GHz spectrum and the largest block of unlicensed spectrum to be made available for expansion of Wi-Fi since 2003.  The effort to free this spectrum will require collaboration from other federal agencies.

Speaking at CES in Las Vegas, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said, "We all know the frustration of Wi-Fi congestion at conferences and airports. Today, the FCC is moving to bring increased speed and capacity to Wi-Fi networks by increasing the amount of unlicensed spectrum for Wi-Fi. As this spectrum comes on line, we expect it to relieve congested Wi-Fi networks at major hubs like convention centers and airports. It will also help in homes as tablets and smartphones proliferate and video use rises."