Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ericsson Transfers Mobile Patents to Unwired Planet, Gains Access to Wider Portfolio

Ericsson will transfer 2,185 issued U.S. and international patents and patent applications to Unwired Planet, an intellectual property holding firm with many patents considered fundamental to mobile communications.

Under the deal, Ericsson will also contribute 100 additional patent assets annually to Unwired Planet commencing in 2014 through 2018.

In return, Ericsson gains access to Unwired Planet's enlarged patent portfolio. Ericsson will also gain rights in future revenues generated from the enlarged  patent portfolio.

"In 1997, Ericsson and Unwired Planet introduced the Wireless Application Protocol that
brought Internet access to mobile devices,” said Kasim Alfalahi, Chief Intellectual Property Officer, Ericsson. “Following this transaction, Unwired Planet’s portfolio will reflect decades of invention at the forefront of mobile infrastructure, handset technologies and over-the-top services. We are pleased to have concluded this business deal with Unwired Planet as an alternative channel for IP licensing.”

Unwired Planet is based in Reno, Nevada.

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