Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anuta Networks Targets SDN Automation

Anuta Networks, a start-up based in Milpitas, California, with R&D in Bangalore, India, announced its plans for network service virtualization for delivering on-demand, anytime, anywhere network services for cloud.

Anuta Networks is developing a "nCloudX" platform to simplify and automate services in complex, heterogeneous, multi-vendor, multi-hypervisor and multi-device networks, including physical and virtual infrastructures in both private and public cloud deployments. The goal is to reduce delivery time for deploying multi-tenant networks and services.

  • Anuta Networks is headed by Chandu Guntakala, who previously co-founded Jahi Networks, which was acquired by Cisco in 2004, co-founded Nipun Net Solutions in 2002 and was responsible for establishing the first wireless business partner in South India for Cisco. 

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