Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alvarion Delivers Carrier Wi-Fi Offload in Tokyo

Alvarion confirmed that its Wi-Fi base stations are currently being deployed in Tokyo to enable 3G data offload by one of Japan’s largest mobile operators.

The Wi-Fi base stations will cover major train stations and congested areas in downtown Tokyo business districts, enabling the offload of heavy traffic from the 3G network.

Hitachi Cable Networks is Alvarion’s partner in Japan.

The companies said the project is the initial phase of a nationwide deployment targeting crowded public spaces where data usage is in high demand.

"Alvarion’s Beamforming-based Wi-Fi solution allows us to provide our customer, a tier one mobile operator, the best coverage and capacity in challenging congested downtown areas, thus ensuring the highest quality of service to the end-user and a low cost of ownership," said Teruaki Tsutsui, President and Board Director, Hitachi Cable Networks.