Saturday, September 15, 2012

AEPONyX Unveils 40-Channel Metro Ethernet DWDM-PON

AEPONyX will be unveiling the world's first single fiber 40-channel Metro Ethernet Access WDM-PON platform. The AEPONyX platform enables the wholesale of Metro Access and Metro Transport through the cross-connection of Dense and Coarse WDM-PON wavelengths at the Ethernet level. The company claims a reach of 60 km.

AEPONyX's flagship MxC-80 product contains 80 SFP ports in a single 3U carrier class -48V DC shelf, and is designed to enable 40 wirespeed Active Ethernet Passive Optical Network (AEPON) channels. Each AEPON channel contains a DWDM-side outside plant access component and a CWDM-side network-to-network interface (NNI) and enables 40 circuits to be multiplexed onto one outside plant fiber and 16 circuits to be multiplexed onto one NNI fiber.

Francois Menard, CTO & Co-Founder of AEPONyX, explains, "Our customers are welcoming our solution because they can multiplex 40 circuits onto a single fiber, yet retain the robustness of a dedicated port with the full functionality of a Carrier Ethernet network-to-network interface for each circuit they wholesale." Further, they can bridge any customer premise to any datacenter across their metro markets, all from a single location, leveraging an entirely passive 60 km outside plant," he adds.