Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Orange Business Wins 5-year, $100 million Outsourcing Contract

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has awarded a five-year, over $100 million outsourcing contract renewal to Orange Business Services. Orange provides most of JTI’s worldwide telecom infrastructure and services in more than 50 countries.

Orange Business Services Updates Livebox Pro

Orange Business Services introduced its new Livebox Pro gateway. Key features and capabilities include:

  • It connects all devices to ADSL, VDSL and Gigabit Ethernet Fibre Optic.

  • It features the latest-generation Ikanos processor.

  • Business-class network security to cope with attacks and intrusions.

  • Improved resistance from interference and electrical storms.

  • A colour control screen for a more user-friendly display of diagnostic and settings information. Designed as a guide, this new screen takes professionals through each stage of the user process: from installation to repair.

  • A new memory card allows users to save their network settings and therefore reset or exchange their Livebox Pro without having to reconfigure it.

  • Environmentally-friendly: it has a system on/off button and another for WiFi.

  • Consumes 30% less power than its predecessor.

Australia's NBN Announces its 3-Year Rollout Plan

Australia's NBN Co published detailed neighbourhood rollout maps for its nationwide fibre deployment.

Over the next three years, construction of the fibre optic component of the network will be underway or
completed in areas containing 3.5 million premises in 1500 communities in every state and territory in
Australia – up to one third of the nation’s homes and businesses.

An online database allows consumers to find rollout plans for their postcode.

NBN Co. estimates it will take nearly a decade to complete the entire construction project, which ultimately will bring fibre to 93% of premises. A further 4% will be reached by fixed-wireless and the remaining 3% will be connected via broadband satellite.

"This is a significant day for Australia’s digital future. Construction contracts are in place and the major commercial and regulatory hurdles have been cleared, giving us the momentum we need to deliver better broadband to every Australian no matter where they live," stated NBN Co chief executive Mike Quigley.

Cisco Reinforces Commitment to Skolkovo, Russia

Cisco advanced its plans to establish a physical R&D presence in the Skolkovo Technopolis, a planned high technology business area to be built near Moscow, Russia.

Cisco recently received formal Skolkovo participant status, which enables the company to begin engineering activities and formally establish a physical presence. Cisco aims to focus R&D in Skolkovo on high-impact areas of the business, including video and internal start-ups, using Skolkovo as the physical and virtual platform for innovation.

The initial Memorandum of Understanding between Cisco and Skolkovo was signed in June 2010 and contemplates five concurrent collaborative phases over the next decade: the first phase consists of engaging with the VC community and talent development; the second phase establishes a physical presence in Russia; the third phase extends a dedicated Cisco R&D capability within Russia; the fourth phase focuses on go-to-market models; and the fifth phase builds a partnering model with local companies. Today's strategy advances Cisco's planned commitments in the concurrent second and third phases.

Digicel to Build New Cable to Haiti

Digicel, in conjunction with Columbus Networks, announced a US$16m 200km undersea cable to Haiti. Alcatel-Lucent has been named technology supplier for the project.

The earthquake in January 2010 damaged or destroyed much of Haiti’s communications infrastructure – including the country’s only other subsea cable link which, to date, has not been sufficiently reactivated and secured against risk of impact from future seismic events.

Digicel Group Director of International Business, Conor Clarke, said; “For more than two years now, Haiti’s recovery has been hindered by the lack of reliable high-capacity broadband connections with the rest of the world. With the delivery of this critical undersea cable, the people of Haiti will see a truly dramatic improvement in the range and quality of communications services available.�?

Alcatel-Lucent originally deployed the FibraLink system owned by Columbus Networks which provides coastal and terrestrial connectivity from Kingston to Ocho Rios and Montego Bay in Jamaica with direct connectivity to the US by integrating it into other parts of the Columbus Networks infrastructure.

RIM's Sales Fall 25% YoY, New CEO Appointed

Research in Motion (RIM) posted quarterly revenue of $4.2 billion, down 19% from $5.2 billion in the previous
quarter and down 25% from $5.6 billion in the same quarter of fiscal 2011. There was a net loss for the quarter of $125 million, or $0.24 per share diluted, compared with GAAP net income of $265 million, or $0.51 per share diluted, in the prior quarter and GAAP net income of $934 million, or $1.78 per share diluted, in the same quarter of fiscal 2011.

The company named Thorsten Heins as President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Heins was also appointed to RIM’s Board. Jim Balsillie, former Co-CEO of the Company, has resigned as a Director on the company’s Board. Mike Lazaridis, former Co-Chair and Co-CEO, has become Vice Chair of RIM’s Board and Chair of the Board’s new Innovation Committee.

“I have assessed many aspects of RIM’s business during my first 10 weeks as CEO. I have confirmed that the
Company has substantial strengths that can be further leveraged to improve our financial performance,
including RIM’s global network infrastructure, a strong enterprise offering and a large and growing base of
more than 77 million subscribers. I’m very excited about the prospects for the BlackBerry 10 platform, which
is on track for the latter part of calendar 2012. Notwithstanding these strengths and opportunities, the business
challenges we face over the next several quarters are significant and I am taking the necessary steps to address
them,�? said Thorsten Heins, President & CEO of Research In Motion