Monday, December 3, 2012

Broadcom Samples 28nm Knowledge-based Processor

Broadcom introduced its eigth generation knowledge-based processor for high-touch packet services in 3G/4G mobile mobile infrastructure, data center and enterprise platforms.

The Broadcom NLA12000 Series, which is the first to use 28 nanometer (nm) technology, offers significantly faster performance for increased classification, forwarding
and security processing throughout the network -- the company cites up to 24x greater performance than competing solutions.  The latest processor is also aimed at emerging applications, including Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Open Flow, in routers, switches, service gateways, security appliances and mobile infrastructure equipment.

Significantly, Broadcom said its NLA12000 Series KBPs breaks new ground by integrating low-power NetRoute algorithmic search technology in a heterogeneous manner.  This enables deterministic performance and low latency independent of database or signature complexity, with support for up to 2 million IPv6 routes.

The 28nm process technology also unlocks significant power savings.

Some other key features:

  • The new chip handles up to 2.4 billion decisions per second (BDPS) to address growing line rates for IPv4 and IPv6 packets.
  • High-speed serial links for enhanced communication from KBP to system packet processors 
  • Includes 12.5 Gbps SerDes for 300 Gbps aggregate bandwidth
  • Dual-port mode for off-the shelf network processors, FPGAs and customer ASICs
  • Improved search flexibility with Context Buffers and Key Processing Unit (KPU)
  • Range Encoding Engine (REE) delivers efficient database compaction for access control lists
  • Support for on-chip associated data for search tables to enable lowest system latency 

Sampling is underway with production volumes slated for 1H 2013.


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