Thursday, December 13, 2012

An Update on Verizon's 100G Network - New Routes 2012

Verizon provided an update on its 100G network rollout.  In 2012, the carrier added 20,921 additional kilometers (13,000 miles) of 100G routes in the U.S. and 2,600 kilometers (1,616 miles) in Europe.

Verizon said it is adding 100G on selected routes in the U.S., where traffic demand is highest, including Atlanta to Tampa, Kansas City to Dallas and Salt Lake City to Seattle, using the same routers and coherent optical transport equipment as on the company’s first 100G routes deployed in 2011.

 In Europe, Verizon added 100G routes between London and Paris, and London and Frankfurt.  Verizon already had 100G running on the  Frankfurt-to-Paris route. This creates a 100G ring that spans more than 2,600 kilometers.

"Expanding 100G technology on our high-performance U.S. and European networks means Verizon is able to successfully meet traffic demand while increasing efficiency and capacity,” said Kyle Malady, senior vice president of global network operations and engineering for Verizon. “Increased video traffic, LTE 4G growth and cloud usage are driving bandwidth demand and 100G is critical to creating that rich end-user experience."

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