Monday, December 3, 2012

Altobridge Sees Backhaul Savings with Data-at-the-Edge

Altobridge confirmed the deployment of its Data-at-the-Edge (DatE) content delivery architecture by a Tier One wireless network operator in Asia.

The Altobridge Data-at-the-Edge platform enables data passing between an operator’s core network and the radio base station to be identified, managed and optimized at a granular level.

Altobridge said its customer is able to achieve savings of over 40% in mobile broadband backhaul costs.

“The Altobridge DatE deployment is showing real evidence that intelligent management and ‘On- loading’ of content at the base station can have the levels of impact on cost reduction and improved QoE that mobile network operators require in order to handle the big data challenge,” said Mike Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, Altobridge. “There is an urgent need for a technology that reduces backhaul costs and improves QoE.  Data-at-the-Edge is the solution to these challenges. In addition, it opens-up new revenue generating opportunities for network operators and content providers, through new and innovative business models, such as revenue sharing from pre-positioned rich media content."

Altobridge is headquartered in Ireland and has further bases in; USA, China, Malaysia and Indonesia covering sales, R&D, customer support and manufacturing. Investors in the company include its employees, Intel Capital, IFC and Enterprise Ireland.