Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stoke Introduces Wi-Fi eXchange Gateway

Stoke introduced a wireless offload gateway, the Wi-Fi eXchange, that provides mobile network operators with the traffic insight and steering capabilities for managing and monetizing Wi-Fi connected subscribers.

Stoke's Wi-Fi eXchange provides granular control over subscriber sessions, enabling mobile broadband operators to apply policy to route some sessions to the mobile core, while Internet bound sessions bypass core network elements.

The solution support multiple authentication specifications, including WFA Passpoint, and a range of connection protocols.  It is interoperable with WI-Fi equipment from Aruba, Ericsson/Belair, Cisco, Meraki and Ruckus as well as mobile core element (GGSN) vendors including Ericsson, Cisco, Huawei and Nokia Siemens. Multiple trials are underway worldwide.

Stoke said its Wi-Fi eXchange also opens the door for operators to capture revenues from advertising and other premium services.  

'We know from current engagements that seamless connections and monetization have now become a top priority for operators," said Dan McBride, Vice President of Marketing at Stoke. 'Their ultimate vision for Wi-Fi is to deliver the same experience and service over Wi-Fi as they do over the cellular network. Stoke's Wi-Fi eXchange makes this possible today, by providing standards-based solutions to congestion issues, user connectivity problems, and operators' need to control and monetize Wi-Fi traffic.  We leverage key principles from market-leading but not yet broadly implemented standards, meaning that operators can execute to their vision now, without waiting for upgrades or replacements to tens of millions of hotspots."