Thursday, November 15, 2012

Qualcomm Sharpens IZat Location platform

Qualcomm Atheros rolled out a number of enhancements to its "IZat" location platform to bring precise indoor positioning capabilities to mobile phones, tablets and network infrastructure. The company has formed a strategic relationship with Cisco, which is working to optimize the indoor positioning capabilities of its Mobility Services Engine to enhance service discovery and location-based apps in public venues such as shopping malls, retail chains, hotels, airports, hospitals, college campuses, entertainment destinations and enterprises.

The goal of IZat indoor location is to deliver new and compelling consumer experiences in public places and help open revenue streams in the retail, travel, entertainment and hospitality industries.

IZat is based on multiple Qualcomm technologies, including cellular, global navigation satellite system (GNSS), Wi-Fi, sensor and cloud-based assistance solutions, as well as the industry’s most widely deployed location core, already found in more than one billion devices on mobile networks worldwide.

The new enhancements provide indoor location capabilities on a large number of mobile devices. The company said it can achieve more precise positioning (within 3-5 meters) inside buildings.

The Qualcomm IZat Indoor Positioning Software debuted on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processors, including the MSM8960 Pro and APQ8064 coupled with the MDM9x15.

“By coupling the industry’s leading mobile platform with enterprise-class Wi-Fi networking capabilities, Qualcomm is providing a solution that addresses the entire end-to-end indoor location framework. We are delivering the key elements of the indoor location ecosystem in collaboration with other technology leaders to offer more compelling mobile experiences for consumers and businesses alike," said Amir Faintuch, senior vice president and general manager, consumer business unit, Qualcomm Atheros.