Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Japan's Nissho Electronics Tests 8 Tbps Super-Channel with Infinera

 Nissho Electronics has successfully tested the Infinera DTN-X platform delivering 8 Terabits per second (Tbps) capacity using production ready super-channels across 800 kms of ITU-T G.653 Dispersion Shifted Fiber (DSF).

Infinera’s DTN-X platform, built upon 500 Gb/s Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) and the second generation FlexCoherent Processor offering software-configurable coherent modulation, offers long haul 500 Gbps super-channels which feature world class Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) compensation performance.

Infinera said DSF fiber, deployed throughout Japan, has proven to be a challenge in deploying high-capacity dense WDM  transport technology due to low chromatic dispersion in the C-Band, making it difficult to achieve high capacity optical transmission over long distance economically.  As a result, capacities have been severely limited and have had to utilize expensive L-band technology to achieve long haul quality performance from the DSF fiber.

The demonstration conducted with Nisho successfully transmitted  8Tbps of super-channel capacity on the C-Band over 800 kms of challenging DSF fiber.

Infinera also demonstrated the FlexCoherent capabilities of the system, showcasing the ability to software-select different modulation formats including QPSK and BPSK to optimize both reach and capacity. 

“This test truly demonstrates the value of the DTN-X platform to service providers with DSF assets,” said Kimitaka Sato, Executive Officer at Nissho. “In the past, service providers may not have been able to run even multiple 10 Gbps transmission over this kind of fiber. Infinera’s solution proves that we can run the very latest super-channel technology at 8Tbps on DSF, which is impressive.”

“This trial is unique because it  not only achieves world class reach and capacity over a very difficult type of optical fiber, it shows how quickly capacity can be turned up for service providers today,” said  Dave Welch, Infinera Co-founder, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer.  “This capability can be combined with our recently introduced Instant Bandwidth™ solution on the DTN-X to allow service providers to compete more effectively and achieve a success-based business model.”

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