Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Extreme Debuts 100 & 40 GbE Modules for BlackDiamond

Extreme Networks introduced new 4 port 100GbE and 12 port 40GbE modules for its BlackDiamond X8 Open Fabric switch.

The new 100/40GbE XL modules, which are designed for highly virtualized multi-tenant cloud data centers, Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and data center core deployments, support up to a million routes, Virtual Machines (VMs) and flow entries in the network.   The modules support 100GbE & 40GbE with non-blocking, wire-speed performance of Layer 2/3 services,  Layer 2/3 ACLs and flow flexibility with support of 100G-SR (100m) and 100G-OR (10Km) optics, a boost in scale of tables supported via an upgraded TCAM, and fault tolerance and redundancy with N+1 power support.  

Customer trials of the 12-port 40 and 4 port 100GbE XL modules begin in CY'13.  NTE list pricing includes: 40GbE 12 port XL module at US $6,000.00 per port; 100GbE 4 port XL module at US $35,000 per port.

Extreme Networks also announced support of Big Switch Networks Software Defined Networking (SDN) applications providing progressive and centralized methods to achieve network monitoring and virtualize networks. Specifically, Extreme is supporting Big Switch's Big Tap for traffic monitoring and dynamic network visibility with flow filtering.  Extreme is also supporting the Big Virtual Switch application, which virtualizes the network by provisioning the physical network into multiple logical networks across the stack, from Layer 2 to 7.


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