Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DISH Objects to Draft FCC Spectrum Proposal

DISH issued a tersely worded press statement objecting to a draft FCC proposal on Band 23 spectrum that is reportedly circulating amongst FCC commissioners. DISH said the plan unfairly favors Sprint by requiring DISH to disable 25 percent of its uplink spectrum and impair another 25 percent of that spectrum to accommodate possible future use of neighboring H Block spectrum by Sprint.

DISH has previously stated that it is prepared to launch a wireless business assuming the FCC delivers rules making it economically and technically feasible to do so.

 "While the FCC’s proposed order, based on reported accounts, does properly address some of the opportunities with this spectrum, it’s significantly flawed by introducing serious limitations that impair its utility,” said R. Stanton Dodge, DISH executive vice president and general counsel. “While the FCC would grant full terrestrial rights, its proposal to lower our power and emissions levels could cripple our ability to enter the business."

 “The good news is that this proposed order is not final and we urge Chairman Genachowski and the Commissioners to recognize that the DISH plan delivers on the greatest public interest – the most investment, the most jobs and the most spectrum,” said Dodge. “We stand ready to work with the full Commission on final rules that put the full AWS-4 spectrum to work for America and that advance the future potential of the H Block.” http://about.dish.com/news