Sunday, November 18, 2012

Argon Design Develops Flow Simulation Packet Blaster based on Netronome

Argon Design, a leading developer of high-performance software for multi-core processors, introduced a flow simulation tool based on Netronome's flow processors.

The Argon Blaster, which leverages a Netronome Flow Engine PCIe acceleration card, generates realistic, Internet scale traffic loads and applications to test networking and security equipment. The PCIe acceleration card runs in standard x86 platforms and delivers line-rate, timing-accurate packets for traffic flow simulation.

Argon Design said its Blaster is capable of saturating a 10 Gbps link with application traffic with accurate, consistent, per-flow rate control for up to a million unique flows.

“Flow processing has become pervasive in cyber security, network analytics and software-defined networking designs,” said Steve Barlow, chief technology officer at Argon Design. “As a result, new, cost effective testing and simulation tools are required to stress these products in ways not previously available.”

“Argon Design is a recognized leader in software development for engineering organizations,” said Jarrod Siket, senior vice president of marketing and general manager at Netronome. “Their expertise in the complex requirements facing developers of sophisticated communications equipment makes them uniquely qualified to bring this much needed application to market.”

Blaster pricing starts at $9,999, including 12-month warranty and customer support.

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