Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ADVA Invests in Saguna for Mobile Backhaul Content Caching

ADVA Optical Networking announced a strategic investment in Saguna Networks, a start-up based in Israel that develops Content Optimization Delivery Systems (CODS) technology. ADVA acquired a 10% stake in Saguna Networks for US$1 million.

Saguna Network’s CODS works by loading the integrated cache servers in the cell site gateway or network interface device with popular content, thereby reducing backhaul traffic. The company said its approach provides better QoE while reducing operating costs by as much as 70%.

“ADVA Optical Networking's investment in our company and our technology clearly indicates a shared vision for the development of mobile networks,” commented Lior Fite, chief executive officer of Saguna Networks. “The fierce growth in mobile data demands new solutions, new ways of both addressing users' expectations and operators’ needs to grow revenue. Our CODS technology brings cloud and over the top services directly into the mobile base station and this new partnership with ADVA Optical Networking creates a carrier-grade platform that delivers the right services exactly where they’re needed - close to the mobile user.”