Saturday, October 20, 2012

USDA Announces New Projects

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is funding 24 projects through several loan and grant programs administered by the Rural Utilities Service (RUS); Broadband, Telecommunications loans, the Community Connect grant program, and the Public Television Digital Transition.
In the recently completed fiscal year, USDA Rural Development has funded over $170 million in rural telecommunications projects nationwide.
Broadband Loans
North Dakota
    • Consolidated Enterprises, Inc. –$68,897,967; FTTH primarily in the outer city limits of Dickinson and the adjacent rural areas in Stark County.
Community Connect Grants
    • Q-Wireless, LLC,– $782,000; Broadband services through the construction of a wireless middle-mile and access network.
    • Inter Mountain Cable, Inc. — $1,059,704; a Hybrid Fiber-Coax Network.
Louisiana and Pennsylvania
    • MTPCS, LLC, – $144,670; Upgrade MTPCS’ cellular telephone network
    • Scott County Telephone Co-Operative,-$1,500,000; FTTP network.
Telecommunications Infrastructure Loans
    • Kerman Telephone Company– $10,057,000. FTTH network.
    • Foresthill Telephone Company, Inc.– $6,560,000. FTTH network
North Dakota
    • Northwest Communications Cooperative– $9,870,000. Fiber-to-premises facilities in six of the 16 exchanges.
    • Monitor Cooperative Telephone Company– $2,865,000; Funds will be used to build fiber-to-premises facilities capable of broadband services to all customers in the borrower’s service area.
    • Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. – $2,590,000; Fiber and Gigabit Ethernet to exchanges.

Various projects related to digital transition in public television were also funded.

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