Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tilera Debuts 64-bit, 9-Core Processor for Network Appliances

Tilera unveiled a 64-bit 9-core processor targeted at applications in networking, multimedia, storage and general purpose computing.

The TILE-Gx9 integrates a high-performance memory controller, Ethernet and PCI Express interfaces, and available crypto and compression engines to reduce both system cost and circuit board area. The multicore performance enables the device to power 10 Gbps routers and firewalls.

The TILE-Gx9 is fabricated in a 40 nanometer technology.  Its 3 x 3 array of three-issue, 64-bit cores are connected through Tilera’s patented iMesh on-chip network that supports an advanced virtual memory system.  Each core includes 32 kilobytes (KB) of L1 I-cache, 32 KB of L1 D-cache and 256 KB L2 cache, with 2.3 megabytes L3 coherent cache across the device. Maximum processor utilization is ensured with an on-board 72-bit DDR3 memory controller that supports up to 1600 Mt/s speeds and 64 GBytes total capacity.

“We are seeing enormous market traction and design win activity with our 16 and 36-core TILE-Gx processors, unseating embedded processors and other difficult-to-program devices,” said Devesh Garg, president and CEO at Tilera.