Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Telx Launches Data Center Connect to the Cloud

Telx, which operates major co-location facilities in New York City, Chicago, Dallas, California and other locations, will begin offering a Datacenter Connect service linking its Cloud Connection Centers (C3).
The virtual fabric extends Telx’s model of interconnection within facilities and metros to enable seamless connections between facilities.  The idea is to enable rapid connect services to various carrier and cloud services services.
For example, the new Telx Datacenter Connect service allows clients to interconnect with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect from within the Telx data center, establishing a private network connection that can reduce network costs, increase throughput and security while also providing more consistent network performance than “best-efforts” networks.   This provides the ability to efficiently transfer large data volumes into and out of AWS. 
Datacenter Connect will offer flexible sub-GigE speeds with month-to-month billing.  
“Our services are a perfect fit for a low-bandwidth fabric that allows us to virtualize across a large geography, Telx’s Datacenter Connect is a valuable enabler for our business solutions,” said Dan Dwyer, managing partner, Trading Continuity Services, a leader in the Data Protection and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity industry. “In the past we had to rely upon purchasing high-bandwidth services with long-term service commitments, but this product offers us the flexibility to deploy services to customers for trials and proofs of concept and later migrate them to even larger dedicated carrier services as the relationship grows. Such a flexible service model really helps client adoption of our products.”

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