Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Space Data Corp. and Lemko Launch Satellite LTE in Alaska

Space Data Corp. and Lemko have deployed a satellite-based commercial LTE network in Atqasuk, Alaska. offering mobile broadband data speeds of over 70Mbps.

Lemko's DiMoWiNe (Distributed Mobile Wireless Network) software is co-located at the eNodeB to optimize the LTE over satellite backhaul.  The company says that by virtualizing the core, all switching and routing in the network is moved to the network's edge, resulting in a LTE solution with greater latency tolerances and the ability to deliver mobile broadband over satellite. Lemko's DiMoWiNe greatly reduces the network's signaling traffic and all backhaul is transported as an "over-the-top" IP application.

"Space Data Corporation commissioned the Lemko LTE solution, staged it at the headquarters in Chandler, AZ and transported it to Alaska where it was deployed in only 48 hours. We are excited to now provide mobile broadband service to this area of Alaska where no economic solution was possible before," said Jerry Knoblach, Chairmen and Chief Executive Officer, Space Data Corporation.