Monday, October 22, 2012

Procera Cites Traction with Multiple Rural Wireless Internet Service Providers

Procera Networks cited new deployments of its PacketLogic systems by several rural Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), including Utah Broadband, Evertek and United Farmer’s Telephone.   Procera's solutions are used for monitoring network usage, from individual subscribers to network-wide views of application and device adoption.

“I use the Service Delivery Dashboard, a cloud-based application service from Procera, on a daily basis to monitor high-level trends regarding network traffic,” said Roxanne White, CEO and general manager of Evertek and United Farmer’s Telephone. “For example, we now know the breakdown of different devices on the network, and our experience dictates that certain devices account for the majority of our support effort while others require substantially less attention from our help desk. We are considering incentive programs to drive subscribers toward devices that require less support from us. This will improve customer satisfaction, limit our support exposure and increase service revenue.”

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