Monday, October 22, 2012

Orange Interconnects Mobile HD Voice Calls Internationally

Orange announced the first cross border mobile HD voice calls.  Previously, for technical reasons, mobile HD voice calls have been limited to callers within the same country, assuming both parties have the right mobile phones and service.

Orange has now interconnected its mobile HD voice between Romania and Moldova, ensuring end-to-end HD voice quality  from one country to another. From now on, when a call is made between  two HD voice mobile phones from these countries, Orange customers will  enjoy crystal clear sound instead of "standard" voice quality.

Orange  already offers mobile HD voice in 14 countries: Moldova, Armenia,  Belgium, France (Metropolitan and Reunion), Spain (Catalonia), United  Kingdom, Egypt (Cairo), Luxembourg, Mauritius, Romania, Dominican  Republic, Kenya, Uganda and Jordan. Further launches in Africa and the  Middle East are scheduled by the end of 2012.

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