Thursday, October 11, 2012

Juniper Scales its MX Edge Router, Adds Virtualization

Juniper Networks  introduced its scaled-up MX2020 and MX2010 3D Universal Edge Routers, packing up to 80 Tbps of routing capability in a single chassis and adding new virtualization capabilities for multivendor applications.

At the high-end, a single MX2020 3D Universal Edge router offers 80 Tbps of capacity using Juniper's existing Junos Trio Chipset.  Existing line-cards based on the Trio chipset can be added to the new chassis. The MX2010 3D router supports 40 Tbps of capacity.

Juniper also introduced a JunosV App Engine for the MX Series.  This hypervisor allows Service Providers to run various applications simultaneously in isolation, such as load balancing, security services, online gaming and advertising.

The MX Virtual Chassis can virtualize broadband or business edge services over multiple MX 3D routers allowing service providers to operate the systems as a single chassis and quickly add new subscribers.

Other enhancements include a programmable Path Computational Element (PCE) on the MX.
Juniper is also offering a Rapid Assessment suite of services to enable simplified integration and testing with operating and business support systems (OSS/BSS), traffic migration, network security, and virtual application development.

"Our vision for the new network is to provide innovations that help transform service providers into super providers," said Rami Rahim, senior vice president, Edge and Aggregation Business Unit, Juniper Networks. "Thousands of MX customers have validated the need for massive scaling and reduced complexity driven by emerging video, applications, and cloud-based services. We see our new edge services engine as the first solution that truly empowers service providers to take control of their business by removing barriers currently hindering innovation and revenue expansion."

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