Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Juniper Expands Edge Routing Possibilities

Juniper Networks unveiled a set of enhancements for its MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router, including a content caching line card and new virtualization capabilities. 

The new features  help operators to deliver new consumer and business value-added services, such as multi-screen video and digital advertising, by moving more functionality into the edge router.

The MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router, which  is powered by Juniper's Junos  Trio chipset, now supports a content streaming via an  MX Application Services Modular Line Card with multi-terabytes of storage.  Juniper's content caching, which has been renamed Junos Content Encore offers the capacity to stream up to 80,000 videos simultaneously.

Other enhancements include:

·         Junos Web Aware, which uses processing power in the edge router for new monetization possibilities by providing parental control services and enabling targeted advertising.
·         JunosV Firefly, which enables service providers to quickly deploy new virtualized managed services, such as virtualized security.  Service providers can ensure that traffic for each customer is completely isolated and secure from other users within the cloud.

·         Junos Node Unifier, which combines MX routers and Juniper top-of rack switches into a single virtualized element to simplify management of multiple nodes. This innovation enables service providers to streamline operations and ultimately reduce operational expenditures.

·         Juniper Business Cloud CPE, which enables service providers’ enterprise customers to offload complex monitoring and Layer 3 routing intelligence from their on-site premises and onto the service provider’s MX router. 

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