Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ixia Validates LTE Base Station Performance

Ixia introduced its XAir solution for validating LTE base station performance in terms of realistic subscriber and service modeling, scalability, and QoE measurements.

Ixia said its new XAir provides realistic subscriber modeling, supporting web, voice and video applications, all LTE mobility types, and modeling of radio characteristics — cell edge, cell center and user movements.  It supports more than 1,000 emulated user equipment’s per sector and more than 6,000 per chassis.

Carriers can also use XAir carriers to optimize voice quality, including voice over LTE (VoLTE) and video quality by stressing the infrastructure with real-world traffic and measuring QoE.

Other features include:

•        End-to-end LTE network testing from the LTE base station, through the mobile backhaul and core networks, all the way to the data center.
•        QoE analysis and scoring of each traffic stream.
•        Mobility over multiple sectors.
•        Built-in high-accuracy 10 MHz clock for eNB synchronization.
•        Fully compatible with the Ixia XM and XG chassis and load modules for seamless testing with other Ixia hardware and test applications.

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