Monday, October 22, 2012

IBM Adds to its Big Data Offerings

IBM introduced new big data software  to help organizations gain actionable insights and transform the way they do business with customers, employees and partners. The goal is to tackle the most pressing big data challenges facing organizations today -- accessing and gaining intelligence into an enormous stream of data generated from mobile, social and digital networks. 

The new InfoSphere Streams software include cloud-hosted applications that deliver predictive analytics directly to a company's line of business employees.  The software is designed for financial services, retail, and education industry clients.

Sprint is using IBM analytics technology to capture and interpret all network data (e.g. location data, dropped calls, service interruption, network performance, etc.) to improve the overall customer experience and operational efficiencies.

"IBM is helping Sprint manage and analyze network data 90 percent faster than before," said Von McConnell, executive director of the Innovation and Advanced Labs at Sprint. "We can now customize new products and services in real-time and respond instantly to changing market dynamics. The insights we gain from big data analytics allows us to create and deliver new mobile applications in minutes, instead of hours, giving Sprint the ability to stay well ahead of our competitors."

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