Thursday, October 4, 2012

HP Integrates SDN Controller, Switches, Apps

HP introduced several innovations for delivering end-to-end software defined networking (SDN) with its Virtual Application Networks strategy.  The new capabilities span infrastructure, control software and application layers with a “single control plane” to help enterprises and cloud providers to simplify and maximize agility across data center, campus and branch networks.  HP is supporting Open Networking Foundation (ONF) standards.

Some highlights:

A new HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller abstracts the physical hardware from the logical deployment, providing a centralized view and automating network configuration of all devices in the infrastructure. 

HP is adding OpenFlow-enabled support to nine additional switch models, offering clients a flexible and programmable standards-based interface. This includes the new HP 3800 switch series.

At the application layer,  HP is introducing Virtual Cloud Networks software that enables cloud providers to deliver automated and scalable public cloud services to enterprises. The software helps enterprises to create an isolated virtual cloud network environment through a self-service public cloud infrastructure, providing them complete control for introducing new services and applications to their users.

Also at the application layer, HP is introducing a Sentinel Security software application that  automates network access control and intrusion prevention security for enterprise campus networks with existing OpenFlow-enabled switch hardware through HP’s controller.

“In the cloud era, clients need a single point of control for the entire network, which enables them to deploy any application or service directly to the user within minutes,” said Bethany Mayer, senior vice president and general manager, Networking, HP.  “Only HP provides clients with a complete software-defined network solution that automates manual configuration tasks across hardware, software and applications and from data center to desktop through a single control plane.”

  • Earlier this year, HP enabled OpenFlow across its FlexNetwork enterprise switches. The new capabilities are delivered as a free software upgrade across 16 switches, including the HP 3500, 5400 and 8200 series. 

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