Monday, October 15, 2012

Cariden Tunes its Network Engineering Software for Flow Collection & Business Intelligence

Cariden Technologies is extending its network visibility and traffic control platform to business intelligence based on accurate and efficient traffic flow collection from key nodes in a carrier network. Cariden's MATE software is widely used by global tier-1 ISPs, PTTs, MSOs and mobile operators for IP/MPLS network engineering.

Cariden has now added a Flow Interface to its MATE portfolio, enabling the ability to collect and analyze NetFlow, S-Flow and J-Flow data to determine the cost of traffic flows and monitor their use of network resources.  This includes being able to analyze peering traffic compliance to agreements and calculate bit-mile costs for that and other services, thus providing operations staff the ability to meet their obligations for transparency to the commercial side of their business.

Compared to existing NetFlow collectors, Cariden's approach is fully integrated with its network planning and simulation tool (MATE).  This provides enhanced accuracy of the collected flow data by ensuring results match existing traffic counter data and adjusting the final matrix accordingly.

Cariden said its new capabilities enable network operators to identify the costs for actual network performance on specific links or nodes. For instance, carriers could identify partners who are violating peering agreements with unequal flows or who are dumping excessive traffic on least favorable nodes and thereby requiring the carrier to bear the long haul transit costs.

The latest release also provides modeling of the impact to the network when peering connections change due to outages.

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