Monday, October 8, 2012

Altera Intros 28 nm Midrange FPGA

Altera introduced its Arria V GZ variant FPGA featuring 36 backplane-capable transceivers that can operate at speeds up to 12.5 Gbps and enable of a variety of protocols. In addition, the variant features four separate DDR3 DIMM interfaces at 72 bits wide, operating at 1600 Mbps.

Altera said its Arria V GZ device is the first midrange FPGA supporting hardened PCI Express Gen3 protocol stacks as well as anti-tampering anc security features.

“Customers face many challenges when designing high-performance systems, including the need to balance power and performance while increasing bandwidth to off-chip memory,” said Patrick Dorsey, senior director of component product marketing at Altera Corporation. “The Arria V GZ variant provides both the high-speed serial transceivers and the external memory capability that designers need to build today’s bandwidth-hungry data processing systems.”

Soft intellectual property (IP)-based memory controllers allowing for maximum flexibility
Most digital signal processing (DSP) in a midrange FPGA for high integration
Industry-leading, anti-tamper features, including enhanced advanced encryption standard (AES) and easy-to-use on-board and off-board key programming>
About Arria V FPGAs