Monday, October 1, 2012

6connect Brings IPv4/IPv6 Tools to the Cloud

6connect, a start-up based in Palo Alto, California, introduced a set of cloud-based tools for helping enterprises and service providers to migrate their IPv4 networks to IPv6.

The 6connect ProVision Suite is a unified SaaS platform for provisioning and managing networks in IPv4 and IPv6.  The company said its solution the key challenges of IP address management, DNS, DHCP and asset management that make IPv6 transistions such a headache for network operators. The Service Provider Edition also incorporates peering management and SWIP automation.

“With the number of connected devices and virtual machines growing exponentially and regional internet registries for Europe and Asia already out of IPv4 space, network architectures are undergoing fundamental change,” said Bill Bien, CEO of 6connect.  “Legacy DDI and automation solutions are no longer efficient. We’ve designed ProVision as a disruptive, next-generation platform for automated management control of complex IP address zones, virtual machines, mobile devices, and all types of corporate assets.”

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