Sunday, September 30, 2012

VMware Opens vCloud Service Evaluation Beta

VMware has opened its vCloud Service Evaluation Beta to the public, enabling users to run their own tests of vCloud.

VMware's vCloud allows users to migrateVMs on demand from their "internal cloud" of cooperating VMware hypervisors to a remote cloud of VMware hypervisors.  The newly opened vCloud Service Evaluation includes a catalog of useful VM templates, virtual networking, persistent storage, external IP addresses, firewalls, load balancers, the vCloud API, etc.  VMware is also providing some pre-built content templates (at no charge) through the vCloud Service Evaluation, including WordPress, Jommia!, Sugar CRM, LAMP stack, Windows Server, etc.

  • In August, Dell entered the enterprise cloud market with the launch of a VMware vCloud Datacenter Service that provides a seamless multi-tenant environment for running virtual systems. Specifically, Dell and VMware will provide Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) choice for customer organizations, hosting and outsourcing firms, system integrators and service providers. The service is currently in beta testing.This is the first public and hybrid cloud offering.
  • Also in August, Deutsche Telekom's T Systems division has formed a strategic partnership with VMware to provide customers with cloud computing services. The VMware vCloud Datacenter Service to be provided by T-Systems delivers on the hybrid cloud promise, to provide IT infrastructure out of the cloud that has undergone a demanding certification process by VMware.T-Systems plans to launch its VMware vCloud Datacenter Service this fall based on VMware’s cloud infrastructure.